Business Appraisal And Steps to Sell Your Business

As certified business brokers and seasoned business Valuers, we recognize the nuanced intricacies involved in business appraisal. Striking the delicate balance between a high target and an achievable price is a cornerstone of our methodology. We emphasize transparent communication with vendors, elucidating the intricacies of our valuation process and actively incorporating their insights.

Business appraisal is a dynamic process, influenced by market fluctuations and the temporal considerations of selling. Mastery of valuation metrics is essential, but our commitment extends beyond theory. Staying abreast of market trends and possessing a robust database of recent comparable business transactions is imperative. At Mercury Business Sales and Valuation, our active involvement in business sales, coupled with partnerships with industry associations, accountants and lawyers, empowers us with comprehensive data across the Australian market.


Initiating the business appraisal involves a meticulous four-step process.

Step 1 encompasses a scheduled on-site meeting with the vendor for a firsthand inspection of the business premises.

Step 2, we meticulously gather crucial documents, including lease agreements, financials, and staff rosters. A detailed checklist is provided to the vendor to ensure completeness.

Step 3 involves the collection and analysis of our proprietary records alongside market data for similar business transactions.

Step 4 is a collaborative step, presenting and discussing the appraisal with the vendor, valuing their input and refining the results accordingly. 

Upon securing vendor agreement, our comprehensive service extends to strategic marketing. Prioritizing confidentiality, we refrain from disclosing specific business details in marketing materials. Buyer qualification is a meticulous process, and our marketing channels are tailored to the vendor’s preferences. Should a vendor express discomfort with certain marketing strategies, we respect their wishes and explore alternative, mutually agreeable methods, including direct communication with potential buyers in our extensive database.

 Once a buyer submits an offer with an initial deposit, our commitment continues. We actively engage with the vendor, facilitating communication between parties and assisting the vendor’s legal team in contract preparation. Importantly, our involvement doesn’t cease at contract signing; we guide both parties through every transactional step, ensuring a seamless and efficient settlement process. Our dedication is not just to the deal but to the enduring success of the business transition.

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